Graduate School Admission Requirements

General Information

Graduate Admissions
University of Georgia
279 Williams Street
Athens, Georgia 30602-1777

Graduate Admission to the University of Georgia is a collaborative process involving the Graduate School and the graduate faculty of the University. Each department has a designated graduate coordinator who serves as a liaison between the department and the Graduate School and who provides detailed information about program entry requirements, resources and special opportunities. Persons holding a baccalaureate degree, or a foreign equivalent, from a regionally accredited institution are eligible to apply for admission to the Graduate School. Regional accreditation is obtained from the following organizations:

  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA)
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)
  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA)
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (NEASC-CIHE)
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities (WASC-ACSCU)

Applicants should have ranked in the upper half of their undergraduate class and should have completed the equivalent of an undergraduate major in the field in which they propose to study.

Application for admission to the Graduate School may be filed in an electronic on-line application. All applicants must provide an active e-mail address for contact regarding application processing. Applicants should review the following information before proceeding with the Application Form.

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Admission and Application Procedures

Persons seeking admission to the University of Georgia Graduate School must hold a baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting association or its international equivalent prior to the expected semester of matriculation. Applicants should be ranked in the upper half of their undergraduate class.

Applicants are responsible for submitting application materials required for admission. These items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Application for admission
  • Application-processing fee
  • Transcripts
  • Entrance test scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Certification of finances forms (international applicants)
  • Any supplemental material required by the department

Application materials are reviewed by the Graduate School and the academic department. The Graduate School reviews the department’s recommendation and makes the final determination on acceptance. Applicants must be admitted to the Graduate School before they are eligible to register. Official acceptance is conveyed to the applicant in a formal letter issued by the Office of Graduate Admissions. Admission is granted for a specific semester and is validated by registration for that semester.

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Readmission Procedures

You must apply for readmission to the Graduate School if:

  1. You were previously enrolled as a degree-seeking graduate student at UGA and have not registered for two out of three semesters in the last academic year including summer semester and
  2. You do not have an approved leave of absence and
  3. You wish to return in the same admission classification, department, and major

The purpose behind the readmission procedures:

  1. Assures the Graduate School that you are in good standing with your academic department
  2. Activates your registration eligibility.
  3. Alerts the Graduate School to charge any applicable penalty for non-compliance with the Graduate Enrollment Policy

To apply for readmission:

  1. You must complete an application for admission.
  2. You must submit the application-processing fee. Recently enrolled former UGA graduate students may qualify for a reduced application fee of $25, if they are applying for readmission to enroll within four semesters (including summer semesters) of their last semester of UGA graduate enrollment. Former UGA graduate students who apply for readmission to enroll more than four semesters after their last semester of enrollment must submit the full application fee.
  3. If you have attended any other institutions since your last enrollment, you must list those institutions and submit official transcripts from these institutions.
  4. After submission of your application, the academic department will review your records including your application.
  5. Contact your academic department for information on deadlines and additional admission requirements.

To begin the application for admission, click here.

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Deferring an Application

An applicant wishing to defer an application to a subsequent semester should first consult with the academic department to determine if the department admits for that semester.  Applicants may request a one-time request to move your application to a future semester without submit a new application and paying an additional application fee.  The request to move an application must be made to the Graduate Admissions office prior to the start of the original expected semester of matriculation.  Deferred applications are referred to the department for reconsideration and a new admissions recommendation.  To request a deferment, please email

Academic departments may refuse admission to applicants whose files are incomplete after the beginning of the semester of expected matriculation and when the applicants have not requested deferrals to future semesters. The application and supporting documents become the property of the University and cannot be returned or forwarded elsewhere.

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To expedite application processing and provide timely information, Graduate Admissions will communicate with applicants primarily by email, unless email correspondence is not possible.

Notification of admissions decisions will be by official letter from the Graduate School. Applicants are encouraged to provide a web-based email address that will remain valid regardless of changes made in the internet provider services.

Email addresses that are provided by applicants will be used only for the purpose of carrying out admissions business. It is important that email accounts have adequate memory and message filters need to be set appropriately to be sure that messages are not filtered from your mail-box before you can view them. Applicants should check email accounts frequently.

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Application Fee

Please note that the application fee has changed. As of July 1, 2009, the fee to apply for graduate programs at the University of Georgia is:

  • Domestic applicants = $75 for the first major, $40 for the second major and $30 for the third major
  • International applicants = $100 for the first major, $40 for the second major and $30 for the third major
  • Former UGA graduate students returning within four terms of their last registration will pay the reduced rate of $25 for the application fee.

An application must be accompanied by the application-processing fee. The fee is non-refundable and cannot be deferred or credited toward tuition. It must be paid online at the time the application is submitted using a credit card or electronic check, drawn on a U.S. bank account. Applications submitted without the fee will not be processed. Participation in certain programs may qualify an applicant to waive the application fee. Please note that you should not choose the fee waiver option unless you already have written documentation of your approval for the waiver from one of the following programs:

  • McNair Scholars Program
  • Albany State Feeder Program
  • Florida A & M Feeder Program
  • Fort Valley State Feeder Program
  • Morehouse College Feeder Program
  • Spelman College Feeder Program, or
  • An approved international exchange program

Applicants who select a fee waiver for which they are not eligible will have their application cancelled.

The fee waiver is a one-time request and only applicable for one program.

After you have completed your application and paid the fee, you may apply for up to two additional programs at reduced rates using the same login account.

A reduced application fee of $25 applies to applications from former and current UGA graduate students who are applying for new admission or readmission to enroll within four semesters of their last semester of UGA graduate enrollment. Prior UGA students who apply for admission or readmission to enroll more than four semesters after their last semester of enrollment must submit the full application-processing fee.

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McNair Scholars Program

The University of Georgia will waive the application fee for McNair Scholars interested in applying to any graduate program. Fee waivers are not applicable to professional programs unless arranged by the Outreach and Diversity office. To receive a Graduate School application fee waiver, applicants may apply online and select "Request a Fee Waiver" on the payment information screen. Then, complete the application fee waiver form to submit your online application.

Applications will be held until a verification letter of participation from a McNair coordinator is mailed to the Graduate Admissions office at 279 Williams Street, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602-1777. This verification letter can be submitted by U.S. mail prior to applying to speed up the process. For full consideration for funding opportunities, students are encouraged to submit application and supporting materials by January 1 for graduate programs that begin the following summer or fall semester.

For any questions or concerns not provided on the web site, please e-mail Outreach and Diversity at

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Transcripts and Academic Records

Transcripts for Domestic Applicants:  Applicants should submit unofficial transcripts from all institutions attended as part of the online application.  Unofficial transcripts not submitted as part of the online application can be emailed to  Official transcripts are not required during the review process and will only be required for applicants who are offered admission.  Do not mail official transcripts until offered admission. 

If offered admission, the Graduate School prefers electronic delivery of your transcripts from your institution via secure services such as Scrip-Safe, AVOW, Docufied and National Clearinghouse.  Electronic transcripts should be sent directly to If electronic delivery is not available, applicants can submit one official transcript in a sealed envelope from each institution of higher education attended, except the University of Georgia.  University of Georgia transcripts are on file.

The address for submitting transcripts to the Graduate School is:

The University of Georgia
Office of Graduate Admissions
279 Williams Street
Athens, GA 30602-1777

Transfer credit posted on the records of other institutions, including the University of Georgia, is not accepted in lieu of transcripts from the original institutions. Official transcripts for these credits must be submitted. This also pertains to study abroad credit that is posted on records as transfer credit to other institutions.

Academic Records for International Applicants: Applicants should submit unofficial transcripts from all institutions attended as part of the online application.  Unofficial transcripts not submitted as part of the online application can be emailed to  Official transcripts are not required during the review process and will only be required for applicants who are offered admission.  Do not mail official transcripts until offered admission. 

If offered admission, applicants must submit one official (certified) copy of academic records from each institution of higher education that the applicant has attended to the Graduate School. Official documents must bear an original certification of the appropriate school official or office. Photocopies of certified documents are not acceptable. Coursework completed at one institution but listed on the record of a second institution is not acceptable. A separate copy of the record from the first institution is required.
The records must contain the following information

  • Subjects Studied
  • Marks (grades) awarded
  • Class rank (if available)

If the records do not clearly indicate the subjects studied, syllabi of the courses of study must be included as part of the records. Syllabi written in English by the applicant are acceptable.

If the title of the degree and graduation date (month and year) are not indicated on the transcript, separate proof of degree (e.g., an official copy of the diploma) must also be submitted.

If the original language of the record is not English, a certified translation in English must be attached to the original. Any translated record should be a literal and not an interpretive translation.

The University reserves the right to require the receipt of official transcripts directly from the foreign institution.
Additional information regarding academic credentials from selected countries may be viewed on the Country-Specific Academic Credentials and Requirements for Admission to the University of Georgia page of our website. In the list, the "bachelor’s equivalency" refers to the minimum degree(s) required and considered to be equivalent to the U.S. bachelor’s degree.

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Entrance Test Scores

UGA institutional code for ETS reporting: 5813

In addition to self-reported scores you may provide within the application, entrance test scores appropriate for each application must be sent to Graduate Admissions directly by the responsible testing agency.

Unofficial scores are not acceptable. Test and sub-test requirements vary depending on major and academic department. Applicants should consult the departments for specific test requirements. All test scores are subject to a five-year time limitation.

Scores on the verbal and quantitative sections of the General Test of the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) are required for admission as a prospective candidate for most graduate degrees. A few academic departments require scores on the verbal and the analytical sections of the GRE.

The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) may be used in lieu of scores on the GRE for admission to some Master of Education and Specialist in Education degree programs.

Graduate and professional programs in the Terry College of Business and the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication may require the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), or the GRE test. Each degree program has specific requirements and applicants should consult with the appropriate department for the admission testing requirements.

The general test of the GRE is offered year-round as a computer-based test at centers worldwide. GRE subject tests and the GMAT are offered several times a year at numerous testing centers in the United States and abroad. Advance registration for tests is required.

Information on the GRE can be obtained from the following sources:

Phone: 1-609-771-7670
Graduate Record Examinations
Educational Testing Service
PO Box 6000
Princeton, New Jersey 08541

For information on the GMAT, consult one of the following sources:

Phone: 1-609-771-7330
Graduate Management Admission Test
Educational Testing Service
GMAT Distribution and Receiving Center
225 Phillips Boulevard, Ewing, NJ 08628-7435.

The MAT is given at various colleges and universities approved by the Psychological Corporation. For information concerning the test as given at the University of Georgia, contact the Office of Testing and Evaluation, Clark Howell Hall, telephone (706) 542-8378. For general information, consult the following sources:

Phone: 1-800-622-3231
Psychological Corporation
555 Academic Court
San Antonio, Texas, 78204.

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Personal Potential Index (PPI)

The Graduate Council of the University of Georgia (UGA) highly recommends that applicants seeking admission to UGA graduate programs submit a PPI Evaluation Report offered by ETS, the provider of the GRE. The PPI is a web-based evaluation tool that allows three or more evaluators chosen by the applicant to provide important information about key non-cognitive attributes recognized as essential to graduate study. The PPI report can be used in conjunction with other admissions criteria (GPA, GRE scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation) to provide a more complete picture of an applicant’s potential for success in graduate study. For more information on the PPI, please click on the link to the PPI Evaluation Report above, and visit our PPI FAQ.

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Letters of Recommendation

Most departments require at least three letters of recommendation in support of each application for admission. List the names of recommenders in the fields on page three of the application along with their e-mail addresses. They will receive a link to access a secure page where they can submit your recommendation quickly and easily via the Web.

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Additional Requirements

Academic departments may set individual requirements and request additional materials. Applicants should consult the departmental contact person early in the application process to determine additional materials that must be submitted and to determine departmental filing deadlines for applications (if earlier than the Graduate School deadlines).

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Application for Georgia Residence Status

Applicants requesting Georgia residence status for the purpose of paying in-state fees must complete the Application for Georgia Residence Status form contained in the admission application. Non-immigrant international students holding traditional student visas for the purpose of studying in the United States are not eligible to be classified as Georgia residents for tuition purposes. For additional information about in-state classification for tuition click here.

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English Language Ability and TOEFL or IELTS Requirement

TOEFL or IELTS: Applicants whose primary language is not English must submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores. Official scores are those sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions by Educational Testing Service. The scores may not be more than two years old. Some departments require the Test of Spoken English (TSE). In such instances, the department will contact the applicant directly.

Applicants who have received degrees from accredited institutions in the U.S. or from institutions in countries where English is the primary language (e.g., the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand) usually are not required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores.

If such an applicant received the degree more than two years prior to application to the Graduate School and has been residing or working in a country where the primary language is not English, he or she must submit current TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Students who are currently enrolled and have been enrolled at least one year at a regionally accredited U.S. institution, may have the TOEFL or IELTS requirement waived, if their work shows a strong quality of performance. Some departments may require the TOEFL or IELTS regardless of previous educational experience.

Some departments may require students to take an additional English proficiency test upon arrival. Students whose English proficiency is deficient may be required to take special courses in English. The expense of attending these courses is additional to the cost of UGA tuition and fees, and must be paid by the student.

Information on the TOEFL and TSE can be found at the following sources:

Phone: 1-800-468-6335
Test of English as a Foreign Language
Box 899
Princeton, NJ 08541

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Evidence of Financial Support and Visa Documents

International applicants requiring an I-20 or DS-2019 must complete the Certification of Finances form and return it, along with all supporting documentation.  Translations must accompany financial documents that are written in a language other than English.  International applicants participating in a fully online program and not intending to enter the US do not have to submit the Certification of Finances documentation.

Once the applicant is academically acceptable, he or she will be notified of academic eligibility; however, the official acceptance and visa documents will not be issued until financial certification is received. To request visa documents, international applicants must also complete the Certificate of Financial Support.

GET FORM [pdf]

Applicants who are currently studying in the United States must submit documentation of their current visa status. Examples of such documentation are photocopies of the following: I-20 and I-94 (F-1 status); IAP-66 and I-94 (J-1 status); visa stamp and I-94 if in another non-immigrant status; or resident alien card (front and back) if classified as a resident alien.

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Non-Degree or Transient Status

Applicants who do not intend to pursue a degree but who wish to take courses for professional advancement, licensure, or certification purposes, and who hold a baccalaureate degree or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution, should apply for nondegree status.

Nondegree applicants must submit the following to the Office of Graduate Admissions:

  • Application for admission
  • Application-processing fee
  • One official copy of transcript from the institution that awarded the highest degree
  • Statement of purpose
  • TOEFL scores for international students (refer to English Language Proficiency Requirement)

The statement of purpose should be completed in the space provided on the application for admission. An academic major must be entered in item 4 on the application for admission. Applicants are responsible for contacting the department’s graduate coordinator for information regarding special departmental requirements and supplemental materials that are required.

Please note that a maximum of 9 hours of course credit taken in non-degree status can be used toward a degree program later if the courses are not more than six-years old.

GET FORM [pdf]

Transient admission may be granted to students in good standing at regionally accredited graduate schools who wish to enroll for one semester at the University of Georgia. Applicants requesting this status must submit the following to Graduate Admissions: the application for admission, a application-processing fee, and certification of graduate standing in a regionally accredited institution. Applicants may use the UGA Transient Letter. An academic major must be listed in item 4 on the application for admission. Additional information may be required by departments for admission to this classification; therefore applicants should contact the appropriate department. Students admitted in this classification who later wish to enroll as prospective candidates for a degree must make a formal application to a degree program in the Graduate School.

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Application Forms

The Graduate School Application form should be completed in entirety. Academic program information for degrees and majors can be found in the degree programs section. Applicants should contact the academic department to which they will apply for information on supplemental application forms and materials that may be required by the academic department.

STOP! Do not use this application to apply for the MBA program.
Interested in Business Administration?
Request information directly from the Terry College of Business:

STOP! Do not use this application for a Juris Doctorate program.
Interested in Graduate Legal Studies?
Request information directly from the Law School:


Go to the Online Application!

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Summary of Materials

The summary below will assist you in submitting materials to the appropriate offices. For application to degree programs, send the following materials to Graduate Admissions:

  • Graduate School application form
  • Application processing fee, non-refundable
  • Two official transcripts from each institution you attended (International applicants: two sets of official academic records and proof of degrees)
  • Official test scores sent by the testing agency
  • GRE and GMAT Institutional and Program Codes for UGA
Master in Accountancy Z95-H2-08
Master of Internet Technology Z95-H2-26
Master of Marketing Research Z95-H2-61
MBA, Full Time Z95-H2-78
MBA, Fast Track Professional

Executive MBA Z95-H2-44
MS and MS Non-Thesis in Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics Z95-H2-68
PhD in Business Administration Z95-H2-11
PhD in Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics Z95-TV-07
  • International applicants must submit the following additional materials:
    • Official TOEFL or IELTS scores sent by testing agency
    • Certificate of Finances form

Completed materials should be mailed to:

Graduate Admissions
University of Georgia
279 Williams Street
Athens, GA 30602-1777

The application and supporting documents become the property of the University of Georgia and cannot be returned or forwarded elsewhere.

Departmental Requirements:

  • Letters of Recommendation will be sent to the academic department electronically as part of the online admission application process
  • Supplemental materials required by the department to which you are applying should be mailed directly to the academic department. (These materials may include supplemental applications, interviews, statement of purpose, etc. You must contact your department for specific instructions.)

What happens to your application?

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